Handling Horses

Rules of the Maciukiewicz Riding School & Stud in Nowęcin

Part 3. Rules for Handling Horses

  1. Check daily on the horse’s general health and well-being, since only perfectly healthy horse may be worked.
  2. Groom the horse thoroughly before saddle it. Check its back and withers for abrasions, scrapes, cuts, bruises and puncture wounds or any other injuries. Clean the horse’s hooves with hook pick and check for lodged stones or cone. Check whether saddle cloth is clean especially from the side adhering to a torso of the horse.
  3. Saddle the horse following the directions given by the instructor. Make sure the saddle is properly fastened and check the bridle’s fit.
  4. Check your girth to see if it needs tightening. Too loosely fastened girth may cause abrasion of horse’s withers and other parts of its torso.
  5. Start and end each work with free walk (at least 10 minutes) in order to let the horse warm up its muscles and joints before the ride and to regulate its breath after the effort. If the horse is sweating walk it for a few minutes before return to the stable to cool down, dry and stretch its muscles.
  6. Do not allow the horse to lower its head to the ground when the girth is fastened for riding since it may cause an injury of muscles in the area of the breastbone.
  7. Never tie the horse to a hitching post by the reins.
  8. Do not demand on the horse requirements it cannot meet.
  9. Take care of your horse’s peace in every moment of its work and living.
  10. Do not beat the horse – if you need to discipline it hit it with a whip and only at a rump.
  11. Do not ignore even slightest symptoms of disease of the horse such as runny eyes or noses, or sounds of coughing or wheezing.
  12. Avoid contact with strange horses.
  13. Rider leaving for a trail should know road traffic regulations and follow them. They should take maximal precautions for vehicles approaching from behind and move off to a roadside to let them through. Special vigilance should be kept when riding through a housing estate – never ride them at a gait faster than a walk.
  14. Do not ride a trot nor canter on roads with paved surfaces.
  15. In winter avoid icy surfaces. Do not enter on the frozen lake, river or sea.
  16. Do not stop under the trees during thunderstorms.
  17. Take special attention when riding in a group of horses among which there are stallions.
  18. If the horse is sweating walk it for a few minutes before return to the stable to cool down, dry and stretch its muscles.
  19. After having unsaddled the horse wash its muddy legs with water and dry its torso with bunch of straw, especially a place under the saddle and girth as well as pasterns.
  20. Do not leave the horse without work for a few days.
  21. Do not use a horse excessively.
  22. In case any of the Maciukiewicz Horse Riding School & Stud staff notice dangerous or irresponsible behavior towards animals and other people, they may order you to dismount the horse and even ask you to leave the area of the Maciukiewicz Riding School & Stud.

Rules and regulations are effective since 12.01.2017 r.

By staying at the Maciukiewicz Horse Riding School & Stud or by using its services, you accept the rules and regulations presented above as well as you agree that your child will practise a horse riding in our school.

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