Trainings in show jumping & dressage

Do you want to improve your seat? Feel the need to perfect your skills in dressage or show jumping?

We invite riders and horses for training in classical dressage and show jumping. We train from the basics. Private lessons and classes are available all over the year.

We can teach you the way how to achieve harmony with the horse and in effect make any horse obedient and responsive to the rider. At the forefront is the development of a deep, well-balanced and “feeling” seat then other rider’s aids that must work cooperatively to achieve the desired result.

You can also have your horse professionally broken or schooled at the Maciukiewicz Riding School & Stud. For the horse boarded at our yard we may discuss a suitable schooling plan that best meet the needs of you and your horse.

We have a set of horse jumping obstacles.

Be aware that by staying at the Maciukiewicz Horse Riding School & Stud or by using its services, you agree with its Rules and Regulations.

Rules & Regulations