Rules & Regulations

Rules of the Maciukiewicz Riding School & Stud in Nowęcin

Part 1. General rules

  1. Before start practising horse riding make sure that none health problem prevent you or your children from such an activity. Keep in mind your predispositions and abilities. In case of any doubts consult your doctor and tell our instructor about your concerns.
  2. Everyone who wants to take part in lessons or any other equestrian events organised by the Maciukiewicz Riding School & Stud is recommended to purchase a personal accident insurance.
  3. Parents are directly responsible for their children during the stay on the area of the Maciukiewicz Riding School & Stud. Children should never been left unattended since we cannot forsee our animals reaction on their behaviour.
  4. Many different animals live in the stud – we kindly ask you not to attack or hurt them. In case you witness somebody’s bad behaviour report it immediatelly to the nearest instructor or worker.
  5. Take care of the equestrian equipment since everyone wants to ride with good and comfortable tackle. Please, do not destroy or disarrange it.
  6. Any pet dog is welcome provided it is not a menance to other. Not forget to take a collar, leash and muzzle with you in case your pet will get anxious or alarmed due to presence of foreign people and animals.
  7. A stable is a residence for horses, their place of rest therefore do not stay in it without consent of the owner or one of the instructors. When preparing to a lesson or a ride behave quietly and calmly (do not run).
  8. Do not feed horses! The horse is a very sensitive animal that needs a proper diet. If you have brought dry bread (cannot be mouldy!), carrots or apples always make sure whether all those delicacy are suitable for the horse and obtain permission of the owner or any of the instructors.
  9. Lessons and horse rides are held from 08:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 20:00. Prior phone appointment is required, at least half a day before.
  10. The stable sightseeing is possible during business hours.
  11. Fee payment is a precondition for participation in the class.
  12. Instructor determines the form of class (lunge, lesson on the riding arena, ride in the area) after assessing participant’s riding skills.
  13. Participants must entirely subordinate to the trainer’s instructions when riding. Failure to comply with them, particularly in the area of safety of riders or horses will result expulsion from the classes with no refund.
  14. The horse is a living creature not a toy. You must be aware of this before you make a decision to get on.
  15. The Maciukiewicz Riding School & Stud staff takes care about your comfort and  safety. Follow their instructions for your good and safety of animals.
  16. Do not hesitate to ask questions, we will answer them with pleasure if we know the response. However, it may happen we are busy with any special task, please do not disturb us then and wait patiently until the job will be completed.
  17. Maciukiewicz School & Stud is not responsible for the things lefted or destroyed during a visit to our resort.
  18. Persons participating in the events or trainings organized by the Maciukiewicz Riding School & Stud agree for distribution of their image registered during the classes for marketing purposes free of charge. The consent is granted for an indefinite period and without territorial restrictions. The consent covers also the distribution of the image by third parties in the broadcasting and public reproduction of marketing materials, reportages and information on the services offered.

Pursuant to the EU regulation of the GDPR/RODO of April 27, 2016, which aims to protect individuals in relation to the processing of personal data and regulation of the free flow of such data, we inform you that all personal data that is necessary for booking our facility, e-mail address , name and surname, address, telephone number and telephone number are used by us only to provide a tourist service.
We do not share your information with third parties, except when it is made available as a result of the obligation provided by law.

Personal data is secured.
The data administrator is Gospodarstwo Rolne Franciszek Maciukiewicz with its registered office in Nowęcin at ul. st. Hubert 4. The owner of the company is Franciszek Maciukiewicz.
The administrator uses personal customer data only for accounting purposes and activities leading to the fulfillment of the contract for tourist service.
Your personal data will be kept by the administrator for a period of time necessary to perform the travel service in a correct manner and for the time required by law in the area of ​​accounting and bookkeeping.

Information about your rights.
Providing personal information is voluntary. Each person providing his personal data has the right to access data, rectify data, the right to limit processing, the right to delete data, the right to object to the processing, the right to submit a complaint to the data protection supervisory authority.
The basis for the processing of personal data provided during the booking of accommodation in our facility is the implementation of the contract, details of which are described in the regulations of the facility.
In order to obtain more information about your rights or if you have any questions or requests to delete your data, please contact the administrator by email or by telephone 721924213 or by mail to the address of Gospodarstwo Rolne Franciszek Maciukiewicz Nowęcin, św. Huberta 4, 84-360 Łeba

Rules and regulations are effective since 24.07.2018 r.

By staying at the Maciukiewicz Horse Riding School & Stud or by using its services, you accept the rules and regulations presented above as well as you agree that your child will practise a horse riding in our school.

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