Safety of Riders

Rules of the Maciukiewicz Riding School & Stud in Nowęcin

Part 2. Rules for Safety of Riders

  1. Any riders is obliged to wear well fitting three-point fastened safe hard hats (riding hat or helmet).
  2. Mandatory clothes and footwear consists of long trousers, long socks and closed, low-heeled shoes or longer boots that support the feet (the shoues should be not gelled – the sole should be hard and smooth from the tip to the heel). It is recommended to have appropriate riding clothing: breeches or jodhpurs, long or short riding boots, riding gloves.
  3. Horse is a skittish animal. Do not approach it from the rear without having to return to get his attention.
  4. Take special care when lifting up a horse and when cleaning and washing hooves – activities carried out from the front, not from behind.
  5. Horses can see everything but indistinctly. Do not stop, do not approach close to the horse’s rump, do not pat him on the rump standing behind him.
  6. Before saddling a horse check the status of bridle, in particular the cheek straps, reins, stirrup leathers, girth and tab. Stirrups must be sufficiently broad – rider’s feet should not come completely free.
  7. Leading the horse should go to his left leg in the leg holding the reins, tied or lanyard right at the mouth of the horse.
  8. When outputting from the stables at the same time a greater number of horses and while driving to keep between the horses at least 3 m intervals. Do not channelled into the tails.
  9. Keep intervals of 3 m between the horses during stopovers. Do not allow horses sniffing or biting.
  10. Get on the horse and dismount it in the manner specified by the instructor.
  11. The rate should be based on the widest part of the stirrup, never put your foot into the stirrup until the heel.
  12. Sitting on a horse does not unhand/relinquish the reins, pounce must always be strong and correct.
  13. When driving in a team does not run into the last horse. When overtaking an interval of at least 1 m from the overtaken rider. With the passing behavior also applies to 1 m distance between horses.
  14. Horses can smell very well. Do not ride the horse after drinking alcohol or intoxicants.

Rules and regulations are effective since 12.01.2017 r.

By staying at the Maciukiewicz Horse Riding School & Stud or by using its services, you accept the rules and regulations presented above as well as you agree that your child will practise a horse riding in our school.

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